15 Nov, 2017

Green Bay looking to add more downtown affordable housing

Green Bay city leaders have their eye on developing more affordable housing to address a growing problem in the community. Tuesday, a project called the Broadway Lofts took a step forward to help people succeed while living and working in Green Bay.

“Looking at the study that’s out there, 100% of our affordable units are full right now, some of those aren’t in the best condition so what we’d really like to do is bring a really great product , really greatly managed to the community,” said Director of Economic Development in Green Bay, Kevin Vonck.

Over the past year we’ve kept a close eye on development plans for what’s called the Railyard District project along the west side of the Fox River.

“We are also setting aside, I think 8 units that have a voucher attached to them, public housing vouchers, for graduates of the transitional housing, that’s next door to this property, to the north of us,” said Principal of TWG Development, LLC, Joseph Whitsett

A father/son duo, founders of TWG Development LLC from Indianapolis have their sights on the project planning a four-story apartment building, 93 units total, and two townhome buildings with 14 units.

Green Bay’s Housing Authority and Redevelopment Authority support the plan and if HOME funds are awarded construction could start by Fall of next year.

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