Assistant Superintendent

REPORTS TO:  Superintendent and Project Executive

JOB SUMMARY: The Assistant Superintendent will be responsible for working directly with the Superintendent to assist with coordination of all site construction activities, including but not limited to safety and quality items, creating and maintaining schedules and assisting with sub-contractor coordination. The Assistant Superintendent will be required to successfully assist with completing the project on schedule and within budget.

Key Performance Objectives:

  1. Assist the Superintendent to ensure the appropriate on-site (building and site) control points are adhered to throughout the project.
  2. Read and interpret the established scope of work, plans, specifications, addenda, and meeting minutes for the project. Has complete understanding of all project requirements and oversees, if not operates the on-site process.
  3. Assist with the development of detailed master and look ahead schedules, and project logistics plans. Communicates plan and schedule changes, alternate work assignments, changes orders and scope revisions to the project team. This includes documenting all project delays (internal or external) with sub-contractors and vendors.
  4. Monitor project status and maintains appropriate on-site control and on-site representation to ensure the project is completed on schedule, within budget, and in accordance with the contract and owner’s expectations.
  5. Ensure all company employees and contractors are adhering to the company safety policy. Investigates potentially serious situations and implements corrective measures.
  6. Maintain positive relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and other employees.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to execute each essential duty satisfactorily if not above expectations.  The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. This list is not all inclusive of the role’s potential requirements.

Operational Responsibilities

  1. Assist in day to day project activities and coordinating trades with the objective of maintaining the construction schedule to ensure on-time project completion.
    1. Communicate project manpower, coordination and material needs to all subcontractors, suppliers and management on a daily basis.
    2. Create and maintain delivery schedule; post on site where visible to all parties.
      1. Inspect each delivery process for safe operation; determine proper location for material storage, and audit all TWG deliveries with proper documentation.
    3. Update and distribute Two Week Look Ahead Schedules to be distributed via email to the project team each week including subcontractors, suppliers and team members.
  2. Communicating and monitoring safe work practices and environment with zero recordable incidents.
    1. Verify all new personal has attended proper safety orientation before their first day of work on-site.
    2. Control all exterior site safety; including but not limited to all equipment, scaffolding, ROW permitting, debris zones, and surrounding traffic.
      1. Observe all workers for safe work practices.
      2. Control all weather protection for entire site
    3. Monitor and direct daily job site clean-up activities to ensure a safe work environment at all times.
      1. Including all interior and exterior house cleaning.
    4. Monitor all project team members’ daily activities to ensure 100% compliance with all G/C, OSHA, State, and Clients safety regulations.
      1. Issue verbal and written violation notices as needed and warranted.
      2. Remove parties in violation of policies and regulations from site.
  1. Complete Safety Resources Safety Audits.
    1. Distribute to all contractors within 24 hours of being issued.
    2. Facilitate subcontractor mediation of violations and record within 48 hours.
  1. Complete weekly site safety inspections.
    1. Distribute to all project team members, all hard copies are to be kept until job completion.

Organizational Responsibilities

  1. Adhere to established processes for documenting and tracking essential project activities in order to assure proper planning, organization and management of risk:
    1. Complete Daily Construction Reports in Corecon.
      1. Account for all subcontractors on site each day.
    2. Complete employee time entry daily.
    3. Participate in Weekly Tool Box Talks, all project team members must sign weekly. All hard copies are to be kept until job completion.
    4. Maintain and complete Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections. All hard copies are to be kept until job completion.
    5. Track and compile Self Perform work man hours for Superintendents approval daily.
  2. Ensure that all of the work associated with the project requirements and construction documents are accurately completed.
    1. Maintain a complete issues log, listing the responsible parties and impact information.
      1. This document will need to be presented at every Monthly Project Operations Meeting.
    2. Serve as an on-site representative for communicating project requirements, status and changes to ensure a smooth running project.
      1. Ensure that all project documentation are current by posting all approved addenda, bulletins, etc.
        1. Confirm that all subcontractors are keeping up to date As-built drawings.
      2. Attend and participate in weekly coordination meetings; this may include taking minutes.
      3. Attend and participate in weekly on-site superintendent/foreman meetings.
        1. Create and update meeting minutes weekly.
        2. Distribute to all project team members weekly via e-mail and at the next regular meeting.
      4. Ensure that all approved change orders are properly implemented into the project in a timely manner as specified and detailed within the change order documents.
        1. Verify with Superintendent that any extra work orders or field change orders are a valid request and obtain Superintendent approval before authorizing or signing any tickets in the field.


PERFORMANCE FACTORS: The key competencies described here are core abilities that translate into desired on-the-job behaviors which contribute to the person successfully carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities of this job.

  1. Personal Accountability: Accepts personal responsibility for the consequences of personal actions; avoids placing unnecessary blame on others; maintains personal commitment to objectives regardless of the success or failure of personal decisions; applies personal lessons learned from past failures to moving forward in achieving future successes.
  2. Problem Solving Ability: Utilizes logic and systematic processes to analyze and solve problems; defines the causes, effects, impact and scope of problems; identifies the multiple components of problems and their relationships; prioritizes steps to solution; develops criteria for optimum solutions; evaluates the potential impact of possible solutions and provides the best choices for selection by the AHJ. Managing project resources (i.e. Engineer) for solving more complex issues.
  3. Customer Focus: Consistently places a high value on customers (TWG Development & Management) and all issues related to customer; objectively listens to, understands and represents customer feedback; anticipates customer needs and develops appropriate solutions; meets all promises and commitments made to customers in the promised and/or acceptable time frame; ensures awareness and adherence to minimum development standards as issued by TWG Development.
  4. Decision Making: Demonstrates an ability to make difficult decisions in a timely manner; gathers relevant input and develops a rationale for making decisions; evaluates the impact or consequences of decisions before making them; acts decisively despite obstacles, resistance or opposition; accepts consequences of decisions; willing to correct erroneous decisions when necessary.
  5. Self-Management/Prioritization: Independently pursues business objectives in an organized and efficient manner; prioritizes activities as necessary to meet job responsibilities; maintains required level of activity toward achieving goals without direct supervision; minimizes work flow disruptions and time wasters to complete high quality work within a specified time frame.
  6. Leadership: Inspires others with a compelling vision; takes risks for the sake of principles, values or missions; builds trust and demonstrates integrity with accomplishing what is promised; demonstrates optimism and positive expectations of others; delegates appropriate responsibilities and authority; involves people in decisions that affect them; addresses performance issues promptly, fairly and consistently.
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